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Field Turf: The Natural Approach To Artificial Grass.

First, forget everything you ever knew - or thought - about synthetic turf. That's what Arnold Palmer did when he installed a Field Turf putting green outside his Bay Hill office. And that's what golf courses across the country have done when installing the revolutionary Field Turf. Field Turf looks, feels, and plays like natural grass. That is why Field Turf is the official synthetic turf of both the PGA TOUR and Champions Tour.

Years of research have resulted in a surface that duplicates the playing condition of natural turf while all but eliminating the cost and labor of maintenance. Field Turf is more durable, affordable, longer lasting and safer than any other golf surface - including real grass.

Each blade of Field Turf emerges from its unique infill just as real grass emerges from the soil. Tufted into patterns that simulate natural turf, Field Turf feels like nothing less than the earth beneath your feet. It is the ultimate all-weather surface, offering maximum drainage and perfect playability, regardless of season or weather conditions. And it can stand up to continual use that would quickly degrade any natural surface. Field Turf is, quite simply, the new turfgrass.

Field Turf On The Golf Course.

With its startlingly natural look and feel, its minimal maintenance requirements, and its economic advantages, FieldTurf is the ideal surface for virtually every type of golf facility.

Tee lines and putting greens are the most visible parts of any golf facility. Field Turf makes it possible to offer golfers perfectly maintained tee lines and putting surfaces, regardless of the amount of use. It can also put an end to unattractive mat and concrete tee lines on driving ranges.

In addition, Field Turf is a superior solution for driving range landing zones, allowing you to increase range revenue while reducing maintenance costs. And for cart paths, Field Turf can replace unsightly asphalt or concrete while eliminating the unnatural careening of off-target balls.

Throughout the course, Field Turf will dramatically reduce time and money spent on maintenance. It requires no fertilizer, pesticides or mowing and only periodic watering, thus helping preserve a precious natural resource.

Field Turf At Home And At Work.

FieldTurf isn't just for the golf course. For the dedicated golfer with the inclination - and the space - to take golf home, it can provide a trouble-free surface for backyard putting greens and chipping areas.

In fact, our partner Palmer Course Design Company can recreate some of the world's most famous greens right at your own home. Just take your choice of the Great Greens of the PGA TOUR. Or feel free to let you imagination roam in creating your own design.

For commercial establishments, Field Turf provides beautiful, year-round landscaping, especially in places where natural grass is difficult to grow or where upkeep is impractical due to water restrictions or other environmental factors. Thanks to Field Turf's low maintenance requirements, a 1,500 square-foot installation can typically pay for itself in as little as eighteen months. Its durability makes it especially well suited for high-traffic areas. Field Turf creates a favorable impression at restaurants, hotels, office complexes, shopping centers, and virtually anyplace where beauty, economy, and durability are important.

Tee Lines and Tee Boxes

Tee lines and tee boxes are the most visible parts of any golf facility - and the fastest to show wear. An outstanding maintenance solution, Field Turf allows natural grass areas a chance to grow while providing superior appearance, feel, and play. Now you can forget about unattractive mats or concrete tee lines in this high use area of the course. Field Turf feels like nothing less than the earth beneath your feet, and it represents an exceptional investment for any golf facility.

The Field Turf artificial grass system gives you all the advantages of natural grass. The tee can be inserted anywhere on the surface, and the golfer feels the cushioned effect of the ground underfoot, just like real grass. When the club head connects with the ball, a little cloud of top dressing rises from the ground - and the illusion is complete.

Yet Field Turf offers durability and long-term economy unmatched by natural grass, tee mats or other synthetic surfaces. It has been developed to withstand the sun's rays and is built for resistance to continual use. The real-grass feel of Field Turf is enhanced by a specially formulated top dressing imbedded between the fibers. Field Turf offers all this - plus a low-maintenance, trouble-free life span of an estimated eight to ten years.

You can put Field Turf to work on private, municipal, executive or par-three courses. It's also ideal for driving ranges and golf schools. Field Turf is so low in maintenance that it requires just occasional brushing and simple upkeep that can easily be carried out by your own staff.

Field Turf features:

• Special top dressing gives the cushioned feel of real grass

• Tees can be inserted anywhere on the surface

• Long lasting fibers resist the sun's UV rays

• Minimum maintenance required

• Can be shaped as required

• Can be installed on a variety of prepared bases

Putting Greens

Field Turf putting greens are the state-of-the-art solution to the high maintenance costs, poor grass quality and intensive care required to keep real grass, natural or sand greens in playable condition. The completely eliminate the risk of loss due to disease, poor and circulation, and frequent traffic.

Field Turf putting greens are the product of extensive research and development efforts. Hundreds of methods and materials have been tested, resulting in performance that is, without doubt, the closest to natural grass available today.

In use, Field Turf "holds" the ball upon impact and gives the golfer the desired response, according to the selected approach shot. In addition, Field Turf putting characteristics are predictable. Players feel like they are on real grass. The putting speed is adjustable - fast, medium, or slow- according to "stimp" meter readings. And because Field Turf greens can be designed with the same contours as natural greens, players can "read" the greens, just as they do on any natural surface.

In commercial situations, Field Turf putting greens increase club revenues by extending the season in spring and fall. Available to replace greens at commercial, municipal, and private courses, Field Turf is the finest alternative to natural grass. We stand behind our products because we have created the very best synthetic golf greens in the world. That's why Field Turf putting greens are warranted for a period of seven years, for both performance and wear.

Although more expensive to install than natural greens, Field Turf greens reduce maintenance costs so dramatically that the typical break-even period, including construction, is just two years.

Field Turf features:

• Putting surface "holds" the ball to practice short-game shots

• Predictable putting, even on downhill lies

• Long lasting, with an estimated lifespan of fifteen years or more and warrantied for seven years.

• Virtually maintenance-free; occasional brushing is all that's required

• Resilient to golf-cart wear and tear

• Immune to temperature extremes

• Dries quickly and is playable when wet

• Pin placements can be pre-set to relocate

• Special cup design and installation assures long-lasting quality

• Extremely resistant to damage and wear

• Sever sloping is a design feature

• "Speed" of greens is adjustable

• Non-permeable or permeable

• Suitable for indoor use

• Maintains playing qualities year after year

• Maintains natural-grass look twelve months a year

• Seven-year performance-and-wear warranty

• Made in Canada and the United States

• UV treated polypropylene fibers

• Specially graded silica sand, granular material, plus Nike Grind

• No sub-surface parts to collapse or deteriorate

Driving Ranges

Owners of golf practice facilities can now benefit from twelve-month operations in many parts of the country by using Field Turf instead of natural grass. The many patent-pending features of Field Turf make it the most revolutionary surfacing product to come along in many years.

Field Turf can help increase the driving-range revenues while reducing the cost of maintaining areas where players never strike a golf shot. Irrigation and fertilization costs are virtually eliminated, while the number of open days per year can be expanded. In addition, losing range balls in the soft and wet grass through plugging is now a thing of the past.

The entire landing surface of any range or green can be replaced efficiently and cost-effectively with Field Turf. In fact, we'll be happy to provide a complete cost/benefit analysis that will show you the financial rewards that come with reducing or eliminating plugged golf balls, water usage, pesticides, mowing, and other maintenance costs.

You can also rely on our manufacturing experience as well as out more than 22 years of surfacing experience to guide you in designing a synthetic turf range that will benefit both owner and player for many years

Owner advantages:

• Very low maintenance

• Long lasting investment with an estimated lifespan of fifteen years

• Commercial quality fibers with high UV protection

• Year-round use

• Reduced operating costs through cleaner range balls

• Easy on ball-picking equipment

• Quick installation with little downtime

• Virtually no maintenance requirements

• Existing topsoil can be used to create fairway bunkers and target greens

• Conforms to contours

• Replica sand traps can be created by using white grass

• Porous surface enhances drainage characteristics of any range

• Up to 15-year warranty

Player advantages:

• Looks like real fairway grass, unlike other synthetic-grass products

• Target greens become real functional targets

• The target greens are treated to "hold" the ball

• Sand traps for the target greens are made of white grass to enhance the depth perception for the players