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Now You Can Have a Dog AND a Beautiful Lawn!

Imagine...a lawn that is clean, low maintenance, safe from dog abuse and available 365 days a year!!! That's right...with a FieldTurf synthetic lawn, your yard can have a beautiful area for your dogs every day...without the hassles and expense of maintaining a natural lawn!

Dogs love it because it is soft and it looks and feels just like real grass

Muddy spots and yellow grass are gone... Dog waste won't discolor or stain it; dogs can't dig through it and don't chew it. You spend less time cleaning your dogs since FieldTurf eliminates muddy paws and dirty pets. FieldTurf helps you maintain a pleasant, safe environment for your pets and it doesn't pick up an odor

The sand and rubber infill is non-toxic to your pets. Urine drains right through

Your yard is always down time for maintenance, watering, fertilizing, etc. You can use any household cleaner to get rid of messes Engineered for professional sports and accepted for use within animal facilities in such well known places as San Diego's Sea World, FieldTurf is simply the best synthetic turf on the market and the closest alternative to natural grass. FieldTurf will provide beautiful and resilient landscaping for years to come. It's the ONLY choice for your yard if you have a dog!

Our biggest fans! Check out a few of the dog care facilities that have taken advantage of using FieldTurf products!

  • San Diego Humane Society
  • The Animal Keeper
  • Oceanside Pet Hotel
  • Friends of County Animal Shelters
  • Pet Suites
  • Pete and Mac’s

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